The website has been created to inform – about us – the public about the Civil Non-prof Organization “Kombos/Node” and its activities. The activities of “Kombos/Node” include (indicatively and not limited to):

 The organization of regular meetings of the Partners, other Members, “Friends” of the Organization, and other groups of people associated with the Organization.
 The organization of conferences and public events, online or in person, related to the Organization’s mission.
 The preparation and publication of studies and scientific papers on issues related to the activities of the Organization.
 The undertaking of joint actions with networks and organizations in Greece and abroad, of related interests and objectives.
 The selective establishment of ad hoc networks of experts for the preparation of preliminary studies for specific projects in areas of strategic interest in which the Organization has a comparative advantage and for which it can find the necessary support (human and material).
 The creation of an electronic database of distinguished Greeks of the diaspora and its regular updating.
 The activation of working groups of the Organization with collaborating structures – collectives for activities that are within the aims of the Organization.
 The creation of (physical) spaces for hospitality, work, activities and dialogue between various institutions and the creation of clusters.
 The facilitation of networking of institutions, such as relevant Departments of Greek Universities or Greek research centres with corresponding Universities or Centres abroad.

The owner of the company is the Civil Non-Profit Organization:
e Komvos – e Node: Networks of Global Hellenism – Civil non-profit organization with a distinctive title: Komvos / Node
located at the following address

Antinoros, 27, Athens, Greece

Registration Number: 162940701000
Contact telephone: +306974835416
legally represented by Ioannis Papanikolaou, President.

We, at Komvos-node declare herewith our comitment to support and respect internationally proclaimed human rights.

We are also make any possible effort to minimase enviromenmental damage: We support paperless office and distant working.

Any element of this website has copyright, which belongs to the company and any reproduction or copying of texts or photographs without the permission of the company is prohibited and furthermore, even after permission has been granted, it is not allowed to republish them without mentioning the source and the hyperlink of the company.