In 10 years, Greece can be the biotech hub of Europe

The presentation of Komvos’ scheduled actions closed with an optimistic message regarding the theme of stractured synergies between research, health, biotechnology and Economy: In 10 years Greece can be the biotech hub of Europe.

Of course, under the condition that Greece must take the risk and support innovative ideas that can come out from startups, healthy small-medium sized companies, universities and researchers. There is room for growth. We just need to invest in the talents that exist in Greece.

Maritina Grelloni, Director, Entrepreneur Experience and Innovation Programs, Endeavor Greece moderated the discussion of the action
moderated by Konstantinos Drosatos, General Secretary of the Board of Komvos and Nikos Kirpidis, Member of the Board of Komvos.

Stamatiki Krita, Business Development Manager, HBio Cluster and Grigoris Roumeliotis Vice President of Global Business Development, Orgenesis Inc. also took part in the discussion.

The event was held thanks to the great sponsordhip of Pireaus Bank, the communication sponsorship of Skai TV, the sponsorship of National Bank and the continuous support of the Ecovis-One tax accounting company.

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Global Hellenism constitutes a powerful force for the development of the country

Komvos was created to contribute to the development of the country. It is not another think tank. After all, there are enough and good ones in Greece. Komvos is a think-act, because it undertakes initiatives for the implementation of actions that, taking advantage of the dynamic of Hellenism, will have immediate effect to Greek society, throughout the improvement of the everyday life of Greeks, through the improvement of the economic, cultural, and scientific level.
The Vice-President of Komvos, Professor Michalis Haliassos, also president of the organizational committee of the Conference, is setting the framework of the work context of Komvos’ first work Conference through his introduction. The President of Komvos presented the positions and objectives of the organisation.
Τhe first work conference sets the stage for a series of actions:
The first one is the census of the Greek human potential abroad in order to create a network which can be mobilized to serve the -well meaning- interests of Hellenism globally.
The second one concerns an initiative, which we call “ENNOIA”, and its purpose is to strengthen Greek households in taking their financial decisions.
The third action consists of the exploitation of the perspectives of a synergy between Health-Biotechnology and Economy with the aim of promoting the interaction in these fields.
Haris Antoniou, treasurer of the Board of Directors of Komvos, closed the conference with a brief introduction to the planned actions of Komvos regarding Shipping.
The event was held thanks to the support of Pireaus Bank, as the bank was the Mega Sponsor of the event, Skai TV (communications sponsor) and National Bank (Sponsor).

In the article’s main picture, from left to right:
Michalis Halliasos, Anna Grimani, Haris Antoniou, Angelos Haniotis, Kostas Drosatos
In order to watch the video of the introduction of the first work conference, follow this link here!

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P. Tzamourani: The wealth of Greek households and Eurozone

At the event entitled ” Greek households facing modern economic challenges”, which had been organised by professor Michael Haliassos (Goethe University Frankfurt), dr. Panagiota Tzamourani spoke about the loans and the assets of the greek households in comparison with Eurozone.

λογοτυπος accenture greeceThe event was org anized by Komvos-Node: Networks of Global Hellenism, sponsored by Accenture Greece.

Panagiota (Teti) Tzamourani is a Principal Economist-Statistician for European Central Park, secondment from the Federal German Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank), where she is an executive of its Research Center since 2013.

She has worked at the Bank of Greece (1997-2013) and at the National Centre for Social Research in London (1999-200). She is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.d in statistics from the London School of Economics. She has published her work to high prestige national scientific journals in the fields of Economy and Statistic. Her research interests are focused on the economic issues of households, economic inequality as well as in the methodology of sample surveys. Website:
You can watch her speech from Komvos’ youtube channel:
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