In 10 years, Greece can be the biotech hub of Europe

The presentation of Komvos’ scheduled actions closed with an optimistic message regarding the theme of stractured synergies between research, health, biotechnology and Economy: In 10 years Greece can be the biotech hub of Europe.

Of course, under the condition that Greece must take the risk and support innovative ideas that can come out from startups, healthy small-medium sized companies, universities and researchers. There is room for growth. We just need to invest in the talents that exist in Greece.

Maritina Grelloni, Director, Entrepreneur Experience and Innovation Programs, Endeavor Greece moderated the discussion of the action
moderated by Konstantinos Drosatos, General Secretary of the Board of Komvos and Nikos Kirpidis, Member of the Board of Komvos.

Stamatiki Krita, Business Development Manager, HBio Cluster and Grigoris Roumeliotis Vice President of Global Business Development, Orgenesis Inc. also took part in the discussion.

The event was held thanks to the great sponsordhip of Pireaus Bank, the communication sponsorship of Skai TV, the sponsorship of National Bank and the continuous support of the Ecovis-One tax accounting company.

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